XOCOIN is the one coin to rule them all. It is an innovative blockchain technology that was created to facilitate our global online-economy on the 2KXO platform. 2KXO is an advertisement free, unlimited streaming service, and an international marketplace. Not only for streaming unlimited music, videos and images. 2KXO is where users can also communicate via instant messaging, VOIP or video calling. Last but not least, 2KXO user’s may send OR receive money anywhere in the world using “XOCASH” our very own proprietary stabilized, virtual currency and digital cash equivalent optimized for digital money transfer and e-commerce payments.


XOCASH is a physical cash equivalent which is uniquely positioned to be better suited for both current and future marketplace payments and money transfer industries being that XOCASH is the first ever stabilized virtual currency made available to the public via the 2KXO platform. The applications for XOCASH are endless, meaning more reasons for mass user adoption. XOCASH is anchored to XOCOIN, which means any purchase of XOCASH counts as a purchase of XOCOIN, effectively as the demand for XOCASH rises so will the value and demand for XOCOIN!


The international market for sending money across borders is an arduous and expensive process that is characterized by a long chain of middlemen, hidden charges and manual Paperwork. Though this bureaucracy has reduced over the past few years, it remains a problem. The main disadvantage for casual users and online marketplaces is the fact that the value of digital currencies fluctuate unpredictably which limits how much users choose to substitute virtual currencies in replacement for their current local currency. 


Subsidised fees, lower rates, and zero bureaucracy. Our target audience consists of creative enthusiasts needing a platform to buy and sell their creations as well as, small businesses and entrepreneurs needing a more effective way to leverage cryptocurrencies, e-commerce and automated advertising in helping to maximize their online businesses. To the casual everyday users who simply prefer a better social platform for interacting and transferring money with family and friends at a stabilized fixed-rate that is not affected by fickle market demands. 

Why Choose XOCOIN

We’ve combined the best of both worlds. With XOCASH users benefit from our secured blockchain technology which is backed by traditional physical currencies. XOCASH is money built for the internet, as whatever is done with physical currencies, can now be done with XOCASH . Users send and receive real money like DM's or SMS. XOCASH is the world’s first regulated stablecoin  with oversight by regional regulators in over 60 countries across the world. Combining the price stability and creditworthiness of local currencies worldwide utilizing our decentralized technology. Fundamentally XOCASH shares a 1-to-1 relationship with your local currency on the 2KXO platform.



wallet will be a multi-functional application for secure exchanging, send, receiving and storage of XOC and other coins. The wallet has been designed to provide high levels of security, including 2FA access and backup capabilities via the provision of seed information.

Debit Card

It's vital that people are able to use their XOCASH for everyday transactions, which is why the XOC Debit Card is such an important feature. This will be crucial in helping virtual currencies become a genuine substitute for the fiat currencies worldwide.

Cash Note

XOCASH is a digital currency which can be instantly changed into a physical printable note to be utilized in the physical world. This feature will also be crucial in helping XOCASH become a genuine substitute for the fiat currencies worldwide

Our Roadmap

2KXO has gone through several stages in preparation for its launch.Extensive market research was pursued and has been continuous from the conception of the idea to the development of the platform. The Roadmap below was developed to provide clarity on our progression.

2008 2KXO was conceptualized
2014 Prototyping Began
2016 Successful launch of the beta version
December 2018 National Release of the Mobile app
March 2019 Version 2.0-VOIP, Group chatting, Live broadcasting
June 2019 ICO presale
September 2019 Full ICO launch
JANUARY 2020 Launch Version 3.0 - International Optimization
MARCH 2020 ICO ends. Global marketing campaigns begin.

Our Team

XOCOIN is an exclusive trademark and property of 2KXO. The 2KXO platform is headed by the founder; Hugo a seasoned administrator and tech enthusiast. The team is made of individuals with key specialties, each lending a unique contribution to the overall success of the company. The 2KXO team remains grounded, ambitious, and dedicated, to meeting set out goals.

team member

Hugo is a passionate lifelong entrepreneur who attended Baruch College Zicklin School of Business and owns the top grossing TPRi retail T-Mobile store in Queens, New York. Using his skills, experience and proven track record in sales, Hugo will strive to lead 2KXO to perfect success .

team member

Ronak has been working as a Mobile Application Tech Lead since 8 Years. Worked on iOS, android Applications Development, Swift, Objective C, ARkit ,UIkit, cocoa, core data, Airplay Game SDK as well as Cocos2d game development. Willing to learn and adapt to new challenges. Has a strong interpersonal skill, which provides the ability to interact with End-Users.

RONAK BAROT Chief Application Manager
team member

With more than eight years’ experience, skilled in social media management and marketing, SEO, SEM and above all, Rob loves to design and deploy cool websites and mobile applications.

ROBERT DAMILOLA Digital Design Consultant  
team member

A self-starter with excellent analytic and creative problem-solving skills. She has a versatile skill set and always perseveres to achieve the best results. Experience includes: marketing communications planning and implementation, across digital and traditional platforms.

VALENTINA OSHODI Social Media, Content Consultant
We have put in place an almost irrepressible launch program for the XOCOIN, this preparation, coupled with the synchronization with the social media space gives us an unbeatable edge. Thus, the only risk is that there is no certain guarantee that this will succeed. We can however assure you that the risks are minimal.
The profit margins are based on the value of the coin, relative to the current purchase price, and the number of coins purchased. The value of XOCOIN is bound to increase, especially when the tokens go on live exchanges
Interested buyers can make the purchase with cash, as in dollars. Purchases can also be made using Ethereum and bitcoin.
At the end of the sale, the tokens will be credited to your chosen wallet. Please refer to our list of recommended wallets for your use.

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